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On Akinori Otsuka

I don't get the furor over Akinori Otsuka supposedly recommending San Diego to Kusoke Fukudome.

San Diego is a great part of the world. The biggest negative is cost of living, which, obviously, isn't a big issue for someone who is going to be getting a $10-15 million per year contract.

Otsuka still lives in San Diego, and that's where he chose to sign when he was a free agent coming over from Japan.

Plus, let's compare Otsuka's four years in the major leagues. He spent two years in San Diego, where he was successful as a setup man, and where the Pads finished with a winning record in both years, including winning the division in 2005.

Then he came to Texas. He spent the 2006 season on a team with one of the most unpopular (among players) managers around -- a manager who suggested he wasn't capable of closing despite Francisco Cordero's struggles -- on a losing team with a clubhouse in turmoil.

Then he spent the 2007 season on a team that was a disaster coming out of the gate, with drama between the manager and several players the first few months. He then was supposedly being shopped by the organization, and then got hurt and couldn't pitch the rest of the way. He's now in his mid-30s and with an organization that is rebuilding and not planning on seriously competing for at least a year.

Now, tell me...based on that, where would you expect Otsuka has had the more positive experience? San Diego, or Texas?

Update [2007-12-9 12:58:18 by Adam J. Morris]: -- It was pointed out to me that Otsuka was posted, and thus his choices were sign with San Diego or go back to Japan. My apologies for my mistake.