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Sunday a.m. things

So, I wake up this morning, wander in here, and discover the Rangers have signed Milton Bradley to a one year deal for around $4 million.

Very nice.

Look, I'm not going to get too hyped up about this, because Bradley has the baggage everyone knows about...can't stay healthy, a headcase, recovering from a torn ACL that may keep him out at the start of the season...

But you know what? He's immediately the best outfielder on this team. And on a one year deal, he's worth taking a chance on. Plus, we are seeing the managerial situation starting to pay dividends. From the Evan Grant article I linked above:

As the Rangers left the winter meetings on Thursday, they weren't optimistic about the chances to get Bradley. A California native, it appeared Bradley would be going back to San Diego on a one-year, $4 million deal. But the Rangers apparently made a strong push over the last two days. Bradley's desire to reunite with manager Ron Washington, with whom he worked in Oakland, was apparently a significant factor. Washington has long expressed an affinity for Bradley.

Hey, this may be Richard Hidalgo redux. But given where this team is, and given the outfield options, this is a worthwhile roll of the dice. And it isn't like this deal is going to prevent the Rangers from doing something else. Grant also mentions that Kosuke Fukudome is expected to announce this week that he's heading for the U.S., and the Rangers are still in on him.

Grant also mentions that the Rangers have been informed that LaTroy Hawkins is signing somewhere else, which doesn't cause me to lose too much sleep.