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Thursday a.m. things

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Yay, finally some on-the-field type activity to talk about...

Evan Grant looks at the contenders for the #5 starter job, and says that candidates, and mini-camp attendees, Edinson Volquez, Kameron Loe, and John Koronka all had significant projects that they worked on this offseason to make them better pitchers.

Grant also mentions John Rheinecker as a possibility, and doesn't mention Francisco Cruceta, while T.R. Sullivan yesterday said that Rheinecker was looked at as a reliever, while Cruceta was a starter candidate.

I personally think it comes down to Josh Rupe, Loe, and Bruce Chen (if he signs) for that job.

More positive buzz, this time from Jim Reeves, regarding Hank the Bank, who was working in the sleet on his fielding with Ron Washington yesterday. Things always look rosy in the offseason, of course, but we are hearing some really good things coming out of Arlington regarding Hank Blalock this offseason, and the effect that getting Washington in here is having on him.

I do think it is a little funny that Reeves was astounded by Blalock being in shorts (albeit with a sweatshirt, as well) while taking infield in the cold. My wife can tell you that I always do the same is rarely too cold not to wear shorts (although it helps that I live in Houston, of course)...

Kat O'Brien also has some notes on Washington making Blalock his big offseason project...

There's also some bad news from Evan Grant, who reports that Alexi Ogando and Omar Beltre apparently won't be getting visas for 2007, and that their future with the organization appears dim.