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Monday morning stuff

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Quiet day today...T.R. Sullivan has a morning blog post, going through his best and worst things about spring training and spring training ballparks. I have never been, so I have no frame of reference here...

The Marlins are upset with Miguel Cabrera again, this time for skipping the team's FanFest session. Miguel Cabrera is a truly elite player, a guy who, I think, will end up getting a bigger contract after the 2009 season than the $252 million that a certain shortstop got from the Rangers.

But there are these consistent reports that the Marlins are having issues with him and his attitude, and I have to wonder if the team isn't going to consider, if they are out of the race this July, shopping him for a truly elite package of prospects. He'd be a perfect fit in Anaheim, who could build a package around Brandon Wood (who could replace Cabrera at third base) and someone like Nick Adenhart.