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A couple of things

Joe Siegler has obtained from Victor Rojas the dates and times for the Rangers' spring training radio and TV broadcasts.

The first game that will be on the radio is, believe it or not, just two and a half weeks away, with the Friday, March 2, game against the Royals being on the radio.

Something you might want to bookmark, and thanks to Joe for getting and sharing that info...

Over at BP, Jay Jaffe takes a look at Bernie Williams' HOF credentials, and opines on the ongoing Bernie/Yankee pissing match over their not giving him a guaranteed deal.

Also at BP (and, like Jaffe's item, in the "free" section) is Will Carroll's intro to his positional health reports for this year. I've said before, if you are a baseball fan, I think Will Carroll's medhead stuff alone is worth the BP online subscription price.