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T.R. Sullivan on DH and the bench

Or, still more Sammy Sosa stuff.

Sullivan says that the Rangers want Sammy Sosa to be their righthanded DH, with Cat DHing against righties, and Wilkerson, Lofton and Cruz in the outfield.

If Hairston makes the team as the utility infielder, that could squeeze out Marlon Byrd in favor of Jason Botts or Victor Diaz, since Hairston could back up Kenny Lofton in centerfield.

That would also be a possibility if the Rangers decided they were comfortable with either Wilkerson or Cruz handling center on a semi-regular basis. In that case, against lefties, you'd have Wilk or Cruz in CF, the other in a corner OF slot, either Victor Diaz or Sammy Sosa in the other corner OF slot, and Jason Botts at DH.

Anyway, there are different things that could happen here, a lot of which are going to depend on Brad Wilkerson's health and whether Sammy Sosa has been swimming in the Fountain of Youth...