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Thursday a.m. stuff

So, what do we have here today...

Jim Reeves has a column up on the wind study done by the Rangers.

For all the complaining about the Gold Club, the study says that under "perfect storm" conditions, a ball hit to right-center would travel 11 feet farther now than it would if there was no Gold Club.

That isn't an entirely insignificant amount, but on the other hand, it indicates that eliminating the Gold Club wouldn't suddenly turn TBIA into Safeco.

Reeves also says that the wind study has been mooted somewhat for a couple of reasons. First, Reeves suggests it was Buck Showalter (and, to a lesser extent, John Hart) who really were pushing for it...Jon Daniels, according to Reeves, takes the position that the Rangers simply need to accept the realities of the stadium and move on.

The second reason, though, is that there's a football stadium that is going to be going up nearby very shortly, and the stadium will likely result in the wind patterns at TBIA being altered. There's not much point in making changes to address a wind pattern that isn't going to exist, in the same form, once construction begins on the football stadium.

Also in the S-T today is a piece by Kat O'Brien, detailing the Omar Beltre and Alexi Ogando sagas. For those of you who have wondered what it was that they did that got them on the no-visa list, check out this article.