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A couple of things

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Gammons has a piece up on "20 Comebacks to Watch," and three Rangers are mentioned.

Eric Gagne is at #4, and is the most obvious comeback story this season for the Rangers, with Gammons saying that even if Gagne can't dial it up near 100 like he used to, he can still be a young Trevor Hoffman.

And Hank Blalock and Brad Wilkerson are both listed at #9, with Gammons saying that they are both guys who can hit, and if they do, the Rangers are sleepers in the West.

In a chat session going on at BP, Nate Silver says he'd take Ian Kinsler over Dustin Pedroia for the next 5 years.

In former Texans who now live in Chicago news, the Chicago Sun-Times says Kerry Wood has lost 30 pounds this offseason.

Wow. That's a lot of weight to lose in one offseason.

And good news for Rangers fans in the L.A. area...Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc are going to be doing fewer Angels broadcasts this year.

Hopefully, the games that the "B team" does in their place include all the ones involving the Rangers...