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On Nick Johnson and Willie Moo

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Bad news for the Nats...Nick Johnson, who was one of the best hitters in the A.L. last year, may not return from his broken leg until June. Johnson is one of those guys who comes to mind when I argue about whether certain players are particularly prone to catastrophic-type injuries...he's missed a lot of time over the years due to "fluke" injuries, but the "fluke" injuries keep happening.

Anyway...great player when he's healthy, but like J.D. Drew, he just can't seem to stay on the field.

And speaking of Drew, his BoSox teammate Willie Moo settled his arbitration case. No terms disclosed, but it is probably for around $2 million.

I was talking earlier about the possibility of dealing a reliever to the Red Sox...if the Rangers do go that route, I could see them targeting Willie Moo as part of the deal. He's a lousy defensive player, and hasn't gotten enough playing time to fully develop, but he crushes lefties and still seems to have the potential to turn into a great hitter.