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Rotoworld's Rangers Top 10

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Yet another publication takes its stab at rating the Rangers prospects, this time by Matthew Pouliot. Pouliot's lists have been the most out there of what I'd consider major publications, but I think the list is pretty sound:

  1. Eric Hurley
  2. Edinson Volquez
  3. Thomas Diamond
  4. Joaquin Arias
  5. Josh Rupe
  6. Kasey Kiker
  7. John Mayberry Jr.
  8. Marcus Lemon
  9. Daniel Haigwood
  10. Taylor Teagarden
Honorable mention:
Omar Poveda
Ben Harrison
Chad Tracy
Fabio Castillo
Armando Galarraga

Pouliot excludes Botts and Littleton on the basis of their service time.

He also has an interesting note on Hurley:

Even with his velocity down a bit from where it was in high school, Hurley looks like a future No. 3 starter. He's steadily in the 90-93 mph range and both his changeup and slider are potential above average major league pitches. The hope is that he'll regain some of his lost velocity, which would give him more upside.

I don't know where he's getting that information, as I got to catch a few of Hurley's Frisco games last year either in person or on TV, and my observation was more in line with Aaron Fitt's comment:

He gets stronger as the game progresses, so if opponents don't get to him early in the game when his fastball is sitting around 90 mph, they soon have to contend with 93-96 mph heat, even in the late innings.

and Kevin Goldstein's version:

Long and lean, Hurley has clean mechanics and effortlessly delivers 92-95 mph fastballs that can touch 97 when he ratchets it up.

So while he may not be totally off base in using 90 as a low end velocity, Hurley doesn't top out "steadily" at 93 as he says, in my observation or by any other reputable source that I've read. At any rate, I'm a lot more willing to listen to those guys than Pouliot. I don't mind his list though, as I said, although I'm not sure that Haigwood is one of the organization's top ten prospects.