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Monday morning items

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Just a bit of pitchers and catchers and I'm already longing for full spring training. Not that stories on the importance of pitchers fielding are as bad as nothing, but I'm ready for some competition.

Grant also mentions the first blip of a sore prospect arm:

RHP Thomas Diamond, getting over a slight case of elbow tendonitis, will skip the first round of bullpen throwing sessions. He is expected to pitch off a mound for the first time Wednesday.

David Sessions talks some more about the bullpen, this time about the positive feelings surrounding it and the theme that has also been mentioned in diaries here of the year 2004, the last time about a quarter of the expected roster was very good. He does mention that whoever loses out on the fifth starter position from the group of Rupe, Loe, Koronka, etc. will also miss out on possible spots in the pen as he claims that they're not going to be in the running there. That, as well as clarification of late on Littleton's status, starts to clarify exactly who the players are for those last two bullpen spots.