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Rangers website with more winter league updates

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The Rangers website has a roundup of winter league performances by Rangers players...

And I still think Michael Echan, the guy doing the winter league pieces, is Derek Lee's uncle or cousin or something. The lead part of the article is, once again, Lee's performance in the Dominican Winter League, although, as T.R. Sullivan pointed out earlier this week, he's not in the Ranger organization anymore.

Also, while Lee's raw ERA is pretty impressive, it is worth noting that he only struck out 27 hitters in 53 innings in the DWL regular season. This isn't the sort of performance that should suddenly make him a hot commodity, particularly given that he's 32 years old.

Update [2007-2-3 0:20:20 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Apparently, someone realized Lee isn't with the Rangers anymore, and deleted the Lee intro, replacing it with a two-line blurb about John Mayberry, Jr.