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Richard Justice thinks I'm stupid

Richard Justice, columnist for the Houston Chronicle, thinks only stupid people don't appreciate Brad Ausmus:

Anyway, Ausmus was mentioning that he'd looked at my blog at time or two over the winter and was surprised by the level of vitriol aimed at himself and Adam Everett. I had to explain to him that the vast majority of the people who read this blog are smart. They get it. They understand how having two premier defensive players is actually a good thing for a baseball team. As for those who write in, many of them clearly have never seen a baseball game.

These people fall into two categories. Either they're numbers geeks who love the math but stopped watching games about five years ago. Or they're know-it-alls who watch about two games a year and think batting average is the only statistic that counts.

I told him the same thing I've told many of you. One opinion counts on this blog. That would be mine. No one else matters.

And in case you missed the point, the headline to this entry is "Only idiots don't understand the value of Ausmus and Everett."

It is a little sad that, in 2007, we are still seeing columnists throw out the "math geeks who don't watch the game" comments.

And I think there is a legitimate argument that Adam Everett provides some value as a starting shortstop.

But Brad Ausmus is a bad player. He's been a bad player for the past six years. Look at his stats.

EQAs the past six seasons of .216, .248, .220, .212, .236, and .213. A 593 OPS last season. There is no catcher who is going to be good enough defensively to be an asset as a starting catcher with that sort of offensive production.

Justice's premise seems to be that, unless you are around the team all the time, talk to the scouts, have the sort of "inside" information that only he and his cadre can get, you aren't qualified to have an informed opinion on Brad Ausmus. Instead, you should just sit back and take Richard Justice's word on how valuable Ausmus is, despite what the numbers say.

So remember, folks, don't think for yourself. If you want to know what to think about something baseball related, just wait until Richard Justice opines on it...then you'll know what you should think.