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The Rawlings All-Time Gold Glovers

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Rawlings is sponsoring a deal where folks can go online and vote on the greatest defensive players since 1957 (the 50 year period during which Gold Gloves have been awarded).

It is supposedly the best defensive players among the Gold Glove winners from the past 50 years. Derek Jeter, though, made the cut, which makes the list automatically, severely, flawed, given that Jeter has been, throughout his career, generally one of the worst defensive shortstops in the game.

In any case, there are three former Rangers on the ballot -- Buddy Bell, Pudge Rodriguez and Jim Sundberg -- and you can cast your votes here.

Update [2007-2-20 20:26:21 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Nate Silver illustrates how ridiculous Jeter making the list is.