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Some late evening linkaliciousness

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You know, I was just watching an ad for "Wild Hogs," and it seemed as if I had fallen into a parallel universe, one very close to ours, but where the movie "City Slickers" had not been made, and thus the "Wild Hogs" premise seemed unique and original.

Carlos Zambrano settled his arbitration case with the Cubs. He took $12.4 million, which is well below the halfway mark between what he asked for and what the Cubs offered, suggesting that either he blinked, or else his lawyers decided that their case didn't look so strong after all (particularly given the owners' success rate so far this offseason).

Neil deMause offers a blog post correcting an error he made in his article earlier today on the worst contracts in baseball history, on a per-year basis. The Rangers have 2 of the top of them, the Ho, is pretty obvious, but the other one isn't (and no, it isn't that Yankee third baseman).

T.R. Sullivan has a blog entry on Armando Galarraga's progress. He's apparently feeling much stronger than he was last spring, when he was coming off a season where he pitched over 200 innings. He's another one of those guys, like Taylor Teagarden and John Mayberry Jr., who could make the Ranger farm system look a lot better a lot sooner if he can bounce back from a disappointing 2006 season.

And Derek Zumsteg at U.S.S. Mariner compares the Angels to the Mariners (and also touches a little on the Rangers, including a hope that the Rangers sour quickly on McCarthy so that the M's can scoop him up from them) in explaining why he believes that all four A.L. West teams could win the division.