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Some more miscellaneous stuff

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Just wanted to throw a few things out there this afternoon that I thought were interesting, that folks may want to check out...

Kevin Sherrington has a chat session up, that includes a lot of Rangers stuff, including Hank Blalock getting at least a full season under Ron Washington to see if the new manager can get him back on track, and a prediction that Sammy Sosa will be the Rangers #5 hitter on Opening Day.

And Joe Sheehan doesn't think that would be a bad thing:

I think I'm the only one defending the Sammy Sosa gamble by the Rangers. I like him for 20 HR and a .520 SLG.

That would be a hell of a return on Sosa. I'd take that.

Tim Cowlishaw did a chat session yesterday with quite a few Rangers items, as well...he thinks that the Rangers will be contenders in the A.L. West...

T.R. Sullivan has a piece up on the possibility of Mark Teixeira and Michael Young getting extended, although it is pretty short on specifics, and while the Rangers would like to do something with each of them, it doesn't sound like anything will be happening with Mark Teixeira anytime soon.

That's a little disappointing, but not unexpected...but I expect the Rangers to make a real serious push at trying to lock him up on a long-term deal after the season, particularly if the team is a legit playoff contender this year.

And in case you didn't see it in the diary, here's BP's top 100 prospect list...