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Evan Grant newsletter and chat session

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Evan Grant has a new DMN Rangers newsletter up. Among the more interesting items is Grant's assertion that Frankie Francisco is likely to make the team as a 7th inning reliever, meaning there's just one bullpen slot open, and that at least one of Scott Feldman, Rick Bauer, and Joaquin Benoit will likely be dealt this spring.

He also says that either Sammy Sosa or Jason Botts will most likely be splitting time at DH with the Cat, and that Botts' chances of making the team are going to depend in large part on how much progress he shows defensively in working with new coach Gary Pettis.

A lot of good stuff in there to check out...

And Grant is also doing a chat session tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. Central. You know the drill...send in good questions, so there isn't a bunch of "Why don't the Rangers bring Rusty Greer back as the manager?" type stuff. The chat is here, and you can send questions by clicking here.