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Spending money on bonuses in the draft

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There was a comment below on something Evan Grant said about draft picks, talking about how much money a team spends on signing players.

I thought it might be useful to look at how much bonus money players got last year, who were picked where Texas is picking.

The Rangers have 6 picks in the top 100:


The 2006 draft picks in those slots, and bonuses:

#17 -- Matt Antonelli, $1.575 million
#24 -- Cody Johnson, $1.375 million
#35 -- Kyler Burke, $950K
#44 -- Caleb Clay, $775K
#54 -- Brad Furnish, $600K
#81 -- Tony Butler, $445K

All these guys got slot money, so this -- plus maybe 5-10% -- is about what slot bonuses would be for the Rangers picks in 2007.

That's $5.72 million for those guys. The first 5 players picked by the Rangers last year got exactly $3.6 million, combined. So unless the Rangers decide to go the signability route with a few of those picks, when you factor in a bump in the slot money, the Rangers are probably looking at paying $2.5-3 million more in 2007 for their draft picks than they did in 2006.

Now, a silver lining to the Rangers not finding many free agents to give their money to this offseason is that the payroll for 2007 is coming in below budget, and thus, Jon Daniels can probably justify to Tom Hicks spending a little more in the amateur draft.

I also think, though, that we probably shouldn't expect any Marcus Lemon-type selections this year, guys who the Rangers nab in the later rounds knowing they'll have to pay them above-slot money.