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Hiram Bocachica

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The A's released Hiram Bocachica today.

I'd be interested in seeing the Rangers bring him in on a minor league deal. Someone has to split time in center with Kenny Lofton, and I think I'd rather see Bocachica in there against lefties than Marlon Byrd or Jerry Hairston Jr.

Bocachica's has some pretty decent on-base skills, and has a career .285/.359/.442 line against lefties. And he's played some infield as well as all the outfield slots, so he's someone you could potentially spot at third base for Blalock against lefties, as well.

This bench is going to have a righty DH (either Sosa or Botts, most likely) and a backup catcher, plus two other guys. I think having someone like Bocachica, who gives you versatility and some on base ability, for one of those slots would make sense.