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A sort-of random question for folks

I was reading something this evening that mentioned that the Rangers have a $6.2 million option on Hank Blalock for 2009.

As a lot of you may know, BP has included with their PECOTA forecasts on their website a salary value, which basically projects what a player's projected production would worth on the free market (based on what teams have historically paid for that level of production from free agents).

Anyone want to guess what BP puts Blalock's salary "value" at for 2009, based on their projection of his performance that season?

As always with these sorts of questions, don't look it up (or if you do look it up, don't post in the comments). I'll give the answer in the morning.

Update [2007-2-23 11:19:15 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answer after the jump