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Saturday a.m. things

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A power outage at my house delayed this morning's posting, but we've got electricity again now and I'm ready to go...

If you haven't had enough Sammy Sosa stuff, Jim Reeves has a column on him, chock full of quotes from Sosa about how people love him and how he can still hit 30 or 40 homers, but that he's not going to talk about steroids. Dave Sessions has a similar piece, also in the S-T.

And Jean-Jacques Taylor has a Sosa column up as well, proclaiming that Sosa will make the team unless he "can't hit his weight" this spring. Bleah.

Evan Grant blogs on Desimania, saying that Relaford's good relationship with Ron Washington contributed to him getting a shot with the Rangers. Grant also talked to Marlon Byrd, who Grant describes as a plus defender at all three outfield positions (and at this point, probably the best defensive centerfielder the Rangers have) who is also willing to work out some in the infield this spring to help show the team he can provide versatility off the bench.

Grant also has some notes on Tom Hicks meeting with Michael Young yesterday, although it sounds like contract details weren't part of the discussion.

T.R. Sullivan talks a little about the Young contract discussions with Tom Hicks, although about all that is getting out is that the talks are happening.

Big change from previous years, when it seemed like every little detail -- particularly the more unflattering ones about the player -- was getting out.

Sullivan also says that everyone is in camp except for Jose Vargas, and that all the pitchers except for John Rheinecker (who is day-to-day with back spasms) are throwing. We also have this item on Brad Wilkerson:

Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo on outfielder Brad Wilkerson: "He's looking better than anybody as far as his timing. He's getting back to what we worked on last spring. He got away from that -- probably because of his shoulder -- but he worked hard in the offseason. You can tell."

I know I tend to dwell on Wilkerson, and his health and progress, a lot, but him getting back to where he was before his shoulder problem -- back to where he was in the first half of 2005 -- would be huge for this team.

Sullivan also blogs on the Rangers' desire to see another Jeff Zimmerman -- a minor leaguer who explodes on the scene this spring, the way Zimmerman did in 1999. He mentions Thomas Diamond as the most likely candidate...

Over at the SI website, there's a Rangers preview up, from what looks like Athlon. It is a surprisingly solid and well-informed preview...not anything really new to Rangers fans, but also not one of those pieces where you end up rolling your eyes because it says Edinson Volquez is the #4 starter or the starting catching job is up in the air or something like that...

There's a Victor Rojas Q&A up at, which includes Rojas speaking pretty frankly about a number of Rangers issues. Among other things, he says that Jason Botts looked last season like he had fixed some of the issues with his swing being too long, and that if the Rangers aren't going to let him play regularly in the majors, they need to go ahead and let him go to another organization that will give him a shot.