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Some Brian Anderson news

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The Chicago Sun-Times has a piece up today, where Ozzie Guillen says that Brian Anderson (among others) won't stick on the ChiSox in a backup role -- he'll either be a starter, or be back in AAA.

The Sun-Times also suggests that there's a real possibility that Scott Podsednik and Darin Erstad could end up joining Jermaine Dye in the ChiSox starting outfield, which would squeeze Anderson out of the mix.

This is something to keep an eye on, given the uncertain nature of the Ranger bench and the interest the Rangers have had in Brian Anderson all offseason. Allowing the righty Anderson -- who would be, no question, the best defensive outfielder on the Rangers if he were here -- to split time in center with the lefty Lofton, and come in in the late innings as a defensive sub.

If Anderson does get beaten out for the starting job in Chicago by Erstad -- and remember, Ozzie is a guy who loves his grit -- I think the ChiSox might be open to dealing him, rather than just having him sit at AAA as insurance.