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Rangers add veteran scout

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The Rangers have hired Larry Barton, Jr. to join their scouting department.

Normally, something like this wouldn't warrant its own blog post, but Barton had spent 38 years with the Cincinnati Reds before quitting this offseason, and tore Wayne Krivsky a new one on his way out, ripping Krivsky for ignoring his advice on the infamous Gary Majewski trade with the Nats, which cost the Reds Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns, and in trading for Eddie Guardado even though Barton supposedly warned Krivsky (correctly, as it turns out) that Guardado's arm was ready to blow.

Barton is apparently fairly well regarded within the scouting community, and you have to figure that, if he was one of the folks in the Reds organization arguing against the Kearns/Lopez trade, that's a plus.