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A few random notes and comments...

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Just some things I thought I'd throw out there...

PECOTA is surprisingly bullish on Daniel Haigwood, with more optimistic projections for him over the next 5 years than for more heralded guys, such as Edinson Volquez or Nick Masset. Haigwood's top 3 comps are Chris Capuano, Doug Davis, and Noah would be really nice if PECOTA is on to something here, and Haigwood produces like those three have.

Volquez's top comps? Dennis Tankersley, Herm Wehmeier, and Ray Culp. Busted live arms like Juan Cruz, Mike Judd, Ryan Vogelsong, Kurt Ainsworth, and Juan Dominguez also pepper the list.

The 2006 Haigwood is also in John Danks' top 20 comps list...

I'm really, really tired of the President's Day commercial with the blaring hip/hop version of "Hail to the Chief." I don't even know what car company is running those ads...I think I've blotted it out of my mind out of hostility for the commercial.

For those who think that 2006 reflected a new level of performance for GMJ and Mark DeRosa:

GMJ, pre-ASB 2006: .328/.374/.539
GMJ, post-ASB 2006: .296/.368/.448

DeRosa, pre-ASB 2006: .332/.384/.494
DeRosa, post-ASB 2006: .265/.333/.423

2006 wasn't even a career year for those was a career half-season.

On the other hand, I am predicting big things for Ian Kinsler in 2007. I think he's going to make a big step forward, and establish himself as one of the 2 best second basemen in the A.L.

Don't look now, but the Mavs have quietly put themselves in position to win 70 games. Particularly since their remaining schedule is pretty soft...they have two games against Phoenix left, one at home, one on the road, but after that, the most difficult games are probably at Detroit, at Denver, and at the Lakers. And 12 of their next 17 are against the East...

I think we're going to be surprised about how solid a return one of the middle relievers -- Rick Bauer or Joaquin Benoit -- will end up bringing in late March.