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Monday morning things

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Dave Sessions has an item on the Michael Young contract talks, but there's not really anything new. A source says that the Rangers offer is in the ballpark of 5 years, $75 million, which would keep Young in Texas through 2013, and Dan Lozano says there are still a couple of things they need to work through.

Jan Hubbard does 5 questions with Ron Washington, on handling the pitching staff. Washington says he wants his starters to go six innings and then turn things over to the bullpen, and indicates that he's not going to push the starters in April and May, preferring to keep them fresh so they can go longer, if need be, come August.

Hubbard also updates the Ian Kinsler contract talks, but it sounds like nothing is going to happen. Kinsler says that the Rangers offer isn't close to what he'd need to sign a long-term deal.

Sessions also has a piece on Kevin Millwood, and his desire to improve and be more consistent this season.

Evan Grant has some notes from spring training, saying that Marlon Byrd will almost certainly be Kenny Lofton's backup and will get 30-40 starts in centerfield.

Also from Grant is a rundown on several players favorite reality TV shows. Gerald Laird picked "Top Chef," which will likely give him the inside track when my wife decides who her favorite player this year is (since she hasn't picked a replacement for Kevin Mench, her previous favorite).

T.R. Sullivan has some Monday morning questions up on his blog.

Sullivan also has a piece up saying the right field job is Nelson Cruz's to lose, and has a feature on Rudy Jaramillo and an update on the minor leaguers, including the news that Ben Harrison's separated shoulder is expected to keep him out until early May.