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T.R. Sullivan mailbag and some Sosa stuff

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T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag up, with the lead question resulting in Sullivan walking through the possibilities with the outfield and DH situations, and throwing this little nugget out there:

The Rangers outfield at this point begins with Wilkerson in left, Kenny Lofton in center and Nelson Cruz in right with Catalanotto serving as the designated hitter.

If that is the alignment, then the Rangers need two things. They need a right-handed hitter to back up Lofton in center and they need a right-handed hitter to platoon with Catalanotto at designated hitter.

Well, Sosa is a right-handed hitter. The $1 million question in camp is if Sosa is content with being nothing more than the platoon DH. This guy came in here talking about hitting 700 home runs. Well, he is 112 home runs short, so as a platoon player, it would take him seven years to reach that goal.

In his mind, he is not here to platoon with anybody.

That presents the possibility of a problem, particularly since Sullivan says later that club officials have acknowledged privately that it may be a month or two into the season before they know where Sosa really is.

Meanwhile, Evan Grant blogs that Ron Washington believes there is "no doubt" Sosa will be on the Opening Day roster, because he believes Sosa will get himself to the place he needs to be to contribute.

Again, maybe that's just Washington being optimistic and wanting to stay positive publicly -- particularly given the ego of the players involved -- but it has me worried that we are going to see a repeat of the Phil Nevin situation from last year, where a couple of months are wasted with a guy who is done.

At least, unlike last year, we've got a viable lefty bat for the DH role, so if Sosa sucks, it will likely be as just a part-time player.