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On Ian Kinsler

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T.R. Sullivan has some notes up...

The most interesting, to me, is that Ian Kinsler has put on over 20 pounds in the offseason, bulking up to 208 lbs., and saying that he believes the added weight will help him stay strong and avoid a second-half fade like he experienced last season.

Also on Kinsler, Evan Grant has a video report up that focuses on Kinsler. He believes that Kinsler will make significant strides in his defense this year, and quotes Ron Washington as saying that Kinsler is more athletic than Mark Ellis, the elite defender at second base whom Washington coached in Oakland last year. Some good stuff there...Grant, like me, believes Kinsler is going to establish himself as an elite player, and says he's already made himself part of "the core" on this team, both in the minds of management and in the clubhouse.