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Some late night linkaliciousness

Evan Grant's spring training report includes some love from Ron Washington for Jason Botts' defensive improvement in the outfield.

Scott Lucas responds to some comments Victor Rojas made, vis-a-vis Sammy Sosa hitting 5th, in Rojas's interview with John Vittas.

Jean-Jacques Taylor has a column up, saying that while it is great that Michael Young is likely going to sign an extension, it means that the Rangers won't keep Mark Teixeira, although it shouldn't mean that. Or something. I'm not entirely sure...I think JJT is a bit disoriented at being at spring training rather than the combine right now...

This snippet amused me, though...

You just don't let Hall of Fame-caliber players walk away, especially those you drafted and cultivated. At least not until they reach the end of their careers and their pride won't allow them to accept a reduced role.

The Rangers, however, have made a habit of it.

Pudge Rodriguez walked. They traded Alfonso Soriano, though Ian Kinsler's presence makes that deal less painful.

Soriano wasn't drafted and cultivated by the Rangers, isn't a HOF-caliber player, was only here for two seasons, and wasn't all that great in those two seasons.

Fire Joe Morgan deconstructs a piece from some Minneapolis Star-Tribune writer named Patrick Reusse, who doesn't like bloggers. Amusing stuff...

And Ken Rosenthal writes on the "protection myth", the notion that you need a quality hitter behind you to produce.