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Tuesday a.m. stuff

Several interesting items out there today...

Evan Grant has a piece on Ron Washington's desire to see the Ranger starters work deeper into games. Washington says that he wants to see starters work out of jams on their own, and it sounds like he's planning on giving them a longer leash than they've had in the past.

Jan Hubbard writes on Jason Botts, saying that Sammy Sosa is "almost assured" of a roster spot coming out of spring training, which means that Botts is likely headed back for his third stint at AAA. Hubbard largely focuses on Botts' defense, which Hubbard says isn't as bad as it is made out to be.

Desimania continues to grow, with Dave Sessions talking to Desi Relaford in his "Spring Breaks" segment this morning.

A few other interesting items from Sessions this morning...Michael Young says that contract negotiations have to be completed by the time spring training games start, so the Rangers have about 72 hours to get something done.

One of Ian Kinsler's agents is Jeff Frye, the former Ranger second baseman who was a Kevin Kennedy favorite, and who got axed as soon as Johnny Oates and Doug Melvin came to town.

And some contracts agreed to for 2007 include Victor Diaz at $382,151, Gerald Laird at $400,322 and Brandon McCarthy at $396,068.

I'm not sure why Diaz gets $151, instead of, say, $154, or McCarthy gets $068 instead of a nice, round $100. But anyway...