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Still more Sammy

SI has a piece on the return of Sammy Sosa...


And reading this piece, I'm trying to figure out how we went from, Sammy Sosa is a no-risk NRI who will be released if he doesn't perform this spring, to, Sosa is going to be DHing and will get a month or two during the season to try to get his groove back...

Oh, and here's why I'm not re-assured by Rudy Jaramillo's contention that Sosa can still hit:

"Just write it down," Rudy said. "Nevin is back. Quote me. The bat speed is there. The gut he had when we got him last season is gone. He's in top physical shape. I see big things from Nevin. He can hit cleanup if Hank doesn't, but both can be in the middle of the order for us."

That's from a Randy Galloway column dated March 4, other words, basically this time last year.