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Dayn Perry on positional battles

Dayn Perry has a column up on the 10 most interesting positional battles this spring.

Three of them have an impact on the Rangers. There are two within the division -- the #4/#5 starter slots for the Angels, which are in flux until Anaheim figures out who is going to be healthy for Opening Day, and the 1B/LF situation in Oakland, with Dan Johnson and Shannon Stewart duking it out.

The other one of interest is the Boston closer job, with Joel Pineiro plan A, and Mike Timlin plan B. The more I think about this, the more I believe that this is something where a move isn't likely to be made in spring training, but rather in May, after the Red Sox take a look at their internal options. If Pineiro and Timlin struggle, then at that point, the Red Sox might coming calling about Akinori Otsuka.