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A few evening things

A few things of note...

T.R. Sullivan says Eric Gagne has been slowed by the flu, resulting in him throwing some long toss and then going home today. Better than it being an injury issue, although this obviously slows Gagne's progress somewhat.

Evan Grant has more on the Sammy Sosa situation at, calling him a "near-lock" to make the roster. Sigh.

Jan Hubbard blogs on the Rangers spring lineups, and says that Brad Wilkerson is probably the odd man out if Sammy Sosa makes the roster, because, he says, "it seems unlikely that Catalanatto will be platooned."

The thing is, though, I thought Cat was brought in do be the platoon DH. Every indication has been that Cat is going to play against righthanders, and sit against lefties, so I'm not sure what has transpired that leads Hubbard to report otherwise.

And in non-Ranger news, Bobby Jenks got yanked from his spring debut with a tight shoulder. Jenks health problems could lead the ChiSox to take a longer look at Nick Masset in a setup or closer role this spring...