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Monday stuff

So, what do we have today...

Not much on the post-Super-Bowl-Sunday hangover day.

Jim Rich of the New York Daily News bags on Sammy Sosa for a while, for the whole duck-and-dodge act at Congress and the steroid mess.

Bah. I'm tired of Sammy Sosa already.

Red Reporter has a good piece on Marty Brennaman bagging on Adam Dunn, saying that he's about ready to give up on Dunn and that the Reds should have traded him last season when they could have gotten something good for him.

Let me tell you what...if the Reds are that sour on Adam Dunn, and want to dump him and his $10 million 2007 salary on whomever will take him off their hands, I'd want to see the Rangers at the front of the line. Just another example of how an obsession with strikeout totals can lead people to make ridiculous conclusions about a hitter...

T.R. Sullivan throws some questions out there on his blog, and even provides a Don McLean quote (the singer, not the jump shooting UCLA cager).

10 bonus points if anyone knows that song was inspired by the songwriter hearing Don McLean perform...