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More speculation on ARod opting out after 2007

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Jerry Crasnick has a column looking at whether Alex Rodriguez will opt out of his current contract after the 2007 season.

That would be a very nice deal for the Rangers if it happens, of course, since it would save them about $25 million from 2008-10, and you'd hope that that would mean more money Tom Hicks could spend on payroll the next few years.

In fact, if one wants to think 2 parts optimistically and 1 part conspiratorially, maybe Scott Boras wants ARod to opt out of the Yankee deal after 2007 so that the Rangers have an extra $8 million per year that they can throw at Boras client Mark Teixeira...

Anyway, Crasnick runs through three scenarios, but doesn't offer any real firm opinions.

Personally, though, I think that, barring a World Series title for the Yanks in 2007, ARod will opt out.