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Thursday a.m stuff


Little of note out there today.

The S-T has a short piece on Mark Teixeira, Jon Daniels and Josh Lewin participating in an hour long Q&A yesterday, although there's little particularly noteworthy that appears to have come out of it.

Kevin Sherrington had a chat session yesterday that included a couple of Rangers questions, and he seems cautiously optimistic about their chances this year. Sherrington also had this to say about Ron Washington:

As long as they haven't lost anything, everything about Washington will be welcomed. If they lose enough, the warts will all be pointed out. I wouldn't call his confidence a problem. The players love him, and they wouldn't love a guy with a huge ego. Better to have that, they figure, than a guy who gives the aw, shucks routine in public and runs the place with an iron fist.

That's about it this morning...