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Rangers, Young discussing contract extension

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T.R. Sullivan reports that the Rangers and agent Dan Lozano are discussing a contract extension for Michael Young:

The talks between general manager Jon Daniels and agent Dan Lozano are preliminary right now but could gain steam as the Rangers approach and get into Spring Training.

"It's a priority for us," Daniels said Wednesday night. "We are working on something. I told Dan and Michael that it's something we want to address in short order."

Daniels has generally kept things pretty close to the vest, so the fact that he is saying right now that they are working on something suggests that the front office feels they can get something done fairly soon.

I'm thinking that the Rangers would look at doing something where they pick up the 2008 option, and sign Young to an extension that includes a significant signing bonus (say, something in the $8-10 million range) to be paid out in 2007 and 2008, and a 4 year deal on top of that at $10-11 million per and a 5th year option.

That gets Young a bunch of cash up front, and an average of $12-13 million per year over the life of the extension.