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Friday Stuff

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Spring Training is just around the corner, so it's time to hear about the team signing a lot of its remaining players to one-year deals and attempting to get that extension done with Michael Young. Kat O'Brien also mentions that talks with Mark Teixeira are not imminent. Among those ten to sign their deals were Omar Beltre and Alexi Ogando, and I have to think that this will be just about the last we hear about either for a long time. But hey, at least they got their deals signed.

Good news on the Rangers' draft outlook as Jim Callis reveals that MLB is changing the order of the supplemental round so that all Type A free agent compensation in the comp round will be higher than Type B. The Rangers, I think, are set with the following picks in the first and supplemental rounds: 17, 24, 35, 44, 54. Their second rounder still depends on whether Ron Villone leaves the Yankees and Max Scherzer signs with the D-Backs, but I believe the Pads losing CHoP currently puts it at 81.