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Saturday morning stuff

So things out there in the news today...

Evan Grant has some love for Ian Kinsler today, using Kinsler's at bat against Neal Cotts yesterday, where Kinsler fought back from a 2 out, 0-2 count to double in three runners. Grant suggests that Kinsler could be the Ranger regular leadoff hitter as soon as 2008...

Jan Hubbard has an article in the S-T, marveling at the pitching options that the Rangers have this spring. Washington says he wasn't bothered by the rough outing McCarthy had yesterday, saying that it was a problem with McCarthy's location, rather than velocity.

Hubbard also suggests that Bruce Chen may have the inside track on the 5th starter job right now, after going three shutout innings yesterday. While I'm normally in the "go with youth from within" camp, if it comes down to Chen and, say, Josh Rupe or Kam Loe, all things being equal, I'd probably lean towards going with Chen, since Loe and Rupe can be optioned and get regular work in AAA, Chen likely would be lost if the Rangers don't keep him in the majors, and because of injuries or ineffectness, there's most likely going to be a job available in the majors later on in 2007 for Rupe and Loe, either in the rotation or the bullpen.

Per the S-T, most of the starters will not be making the trip to Scottsdale to face Barry Zito. Gerald Laird will be catching, and if Nelson Cruz is healthy, he'll be playing centerfield, but most of the other regulars will be staying in Surprise.

Jennifer Floyd Engel has some praise for Tom Hicks for signing Michael Young...

And if you haven't had enough Sammy Sosa coverage, Gene Wojciechowski has a piece on Sammy Sosa at