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New LSB features coming

I thought I'd give folks the heads up and let you know, I'm going to be adding a couple of new features to LSB before the start of the season...

At y'all's request, I'm going to add an A.L. West standings block to the sidebar, which will be updated on a nightly basis.

I'm also going to include a link to an LSB page which will have the entire 2007 (fixed) Rangers schedule, including final scores and links to box scores for games that have been completed.

This will be going up sometime later on this month, and I'm still deciding whether it will go on the left-hand sidebar under the Sponsor section, or on the right-hand sidebar.

Because I'm too lazy to update these sorts of things myself, I've asked my brother Ben (a.k.a. benmor78) to be responsible for updating the standings and the schedule page. I figure this is a good task for him, since he's generally up at 1 a.m. every night with nothing to do, and that's the ideal time to do these sorts of updates.

In return, Ben gets to use my Rangers tickets from time to time, and gets to post off-topic diaries.

I'm contemplating a couple of other additions, as well, but those are the things that I know will be available come Opening Day...