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Tuesday a.m. stuff

Eric Gagne is the big story today, after pitching an inning in the "B" game yesterday and showing no problems in his first live action of the spring.

Everyone still sounds cautiously optimistic about Gagne, who was throwing his fastball in the 87-91 mph range, and who did have the great change-up. There's still progress to be made, but Gagne thinks he'll be at full strength when the season starts.

Evan Grant also runs down the rash of minor injuries that has recently broken out in camp, highlighted by the Nelson Cruz beaning. Grant also touches on C.J. Wilson's struggles this spring, although Ron Washington is saying that, even though Wilson's command has been shaky, the pitching coaches say Wilson will be fine, so he believes Wilson will be fine.

And the Chicago Daily Herald reminds us that Vicente Padilla, who will be pitching for the Rangers today, twice hit A.J. Pierzynski with pitches in a game last June. I can't imagine Padilla will be throwing at Pierzynski today, though...

The Daily Southtown in Chicago has an article about Ozzie Guillen's thoughts about the Sammy Sosa comeback...