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St. Bracket's Day trivia

In honor of the NCAA tournament starting, I'm going to throw out some trivia questions involving past NCAA tourneys...

As always, no Googling or looking up answers, and I will post the answers later on today...

  1. When UCLA won the 1995 championship, they were almost upset in the 2nd round. Who went the length of the court in 4.8 seconds to score the winning, buzzer-beating basket in that game for the Bruins?
  2. In #1, who did the Bruins beat?
  3. When N.C. State beat Houston in the 1983 Finals on a dunk at the buzzer, what Wolfpack player scored that winning basket?
  4. The player in #3 made that dunk off of a teammate's errant airball. What Wolfpack player shot the airball that #3 ended up dunking?
  5. In the 1993 Finals against North Carolina, with Michigan down 2 and having just rebounded Carolina missed free throw, Chris Webber was whistled for a technical for trying to call a time out. What Tar Heel player missed the free throw?
  6. Who knocked down the baseline jumper with 5 seconds left that gave Indiana the 1987 Championship?
  7. In the 1983 title game, after Michael Jordan knocked down a jumper with 16 seconds left to give North Carolina the lead, Georgetown had a chance to get off a game winning shot, but their point guard passed the ball directly to a Tar Heel player. Who turned the ball over for Georgetown, and what Tar Heel did he pass it to?
  8. In the 1991 semis, the undefeated, defending champ UNLV rebels were knocked off by a Duke team they had blown out the year before. Name the startling lineup for that UNLV squad.
  9. Everyone knows Christian Laettner made the game-winning jumper for Duke in their 1990 Regional game against Kentucky. But who was it who made the 80 foot inbound pass to Laettner?
  10. Twice since 1985, a #14 seed has made the Sweet 16. Name those two #14 seeds.

Update [2007-3-13 16:13:14 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answers after the jump

1. Tyus Edney

2. Mizzou

3. Lorenzo Charles

4. Derek Whittenburg

5. Pat Sullivan

6. Keith Smart

7. Freddie Brown and Big Game James Worthy

8. Greg Anthony, Anderson Hunt, Stacy Augmon, Larry Johnson, and George Ackles (with Elmore Spencer joining Ackles as the 2-headed center combo)

9. Grant Hill

10. Cleveland State and Chattanooga