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New E. Grant Rangers newsletter up

There's a new DMN Rangers newsletter out from Evan Grant...

A lengthy discussion of Mark Teixeira's contract situation and the reasons why the Rangers aren't looking to trade him is the leadoff, and Grant also covers, among other things, the 4th and 5th starter spots and a comparison between Phil Nevin 2006 and Sammy Sosa 2007 (which I'm not going to quote, lest you poop-throwing luvin'-Sosa-monkeys start throwing more fecal matter at me from your cages again)...

But there was this odd question that I wanted to highlight:

Last year at this time the thought was that Texas would have a strong bullpen. Although its problems were not a great as some (e.g., Atlanta Braves), the bullpen was certainly not the strength it had been thought. My questions are: What was the explanation for Francisco Cordero's rapid fall in performance? How prone is the current (or any) bullpen to this type of performance "misevaluation," as we seem to be saying the same things about this year's as we said about last year's.

The Rangers were 4th in the A.L., and 6th in the majors, in bullpen ERA.

Given the league and home park the Rangers are in...the pen wasn't "the strength it had been thought"?