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Friday morning stuff

With the news that Sammy Sosa will make the Rangers' Opening Day roster, today's Rangers news seems to be all Sammy, all the time. Richard Durrett has a piece on it.

So does Jan Hubbard. And Barry Rozner of the Chicago Daily Herald has a column on Sosa, as well.

In other news, Eric Gagne apparently impressed yesterday, with Durrett saying that Wes Littleton marveled at Gagne's change, calling it a "Bugs Bunny pitch."

T.R. Sullivan has a lot of interesting blog notes, including the fact that Laynce Nix is hurt (again), and the Red Sox really want Akinori Otsuka...

And the Philadelphia Daily News says that the Rangers are looking to move Rick Bauer or Scott Feldman for a backup catcher, and suggests that Chris Coste (who won't have a job, now that Rod Barajas is in Philly) could be sent to the Rangers for one of the Texas extra bullpen arms...