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Some random Friday linkaliciousness

Minor League Ball did a "Prospect Retro" of Rusty Greer, that is worth checking out.

Jeff Sullivan at Lookout Landing lists the positional players in the A.L. West he'd take above Michael Young. The list includes, among others, Yuniesky Bettencourt, Macier Izturis, Gerald Laird, and Jose Lopez.

Kerry Wood is hurt. Again.

John Barten has a player profile up of Shane Robinson, a Cards outfield prospect.

Columnists are still obsessed with Darin Erstad. I have no idea why.

Fire Joe Morgan responds to a piece on Juan Pierre, that includes this quote:

"All he does is win and will you to win," said Dodgers third base coach Rich Donnelly, who also coached Pierre in Colorado.

Pierre's team won 66 games last year, and finished 6th in a 6-team division.

Pierre, in seven major league seasons, has never played on a team that finished higher than 2nd or won more than 91 games, and has only hit those peaks one time. Other than the 2003, 91 win, 2nd place team he was on, he's never been on a team that has won more than 83 games in a season.

If he's willing the team to win, I'd hate to see how bad they'd be without his will.