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Sunday a.m. things

T.R. Sullivan blogs that both Robinson Tejeda and Nelson Cruz could be finding their positions in jeopardy, Tejeda due to his early spring struggles and the great performances of Jamey Wright and Kam Loe, Cruz largely because of his injury issues this spring.

Sullivan also has a piece on Kenny Lofton, and the "winning attitude" he brings to the Rangers.

The DMN discusses the 5th starter competition, with Jamey Wright, Kam Loe and Bruce Chen all vying for the final slot. There are several quotes from Loe, who talks about the difference between last year (when he knew he had a job sewn up) and this year, when he's fighting for a job.

Richard Durrett reports that Kevin Millwood was pleased with his performance yesterday, despite the three walks he allowed. Millwood was working on his curveball yesterday, and the walks, he says, were the result of him trying to throw them to certain spots. Millwood says, though, that he was happy with his ability to throw his curveball for strikes (which is good, since he'll only get two more spring starts before he takes the ball on Opening Day).

Durrett also says that Vicente Padilla is being scratched from his start today, in a precautionary move, due to triceps soreness. I'm sure this will start the howls of "Padilla doesn't care anymore because he got his big contract," but Padilla apparently wanted to start today, and the coaching staff decided to hold him out.

Also from Durrett, Eric Gagne says he feels good after yesterday's one inning outing, and the Rangers got Alfredo Simon back from the Phillies, who had selected Simon in the Rule 5 draft.

Dave Sessions has an article up in the S-T on the relationship between Ron Washington and Art Howe, that led Washington to insist on getting Howe to Texas as his bench coach once he was named Ranger manager.

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article on Sammy Sosa, comparing his 2007 spring performance with his 2005 spring performance.

The Denver Post is reporting that the Rangers are looking for another starting pitcher, although I'd be a little surprised if they actually were to pull the trigger on anything.

The San Francisco Chronicle has a column on the A.L. and N.L. Western divisions, saying that in each division, there are two tiers -- the California teams, who will contend for the division title, and the non-California teams, which will be also-rans.