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Monday morning things

One thing that is happening a little too much for my taste is a few spring appearances determining roster spots, rather than full careers. I guess that's what happens when you have a new manager.

In any case, T.R. Sullivan says that spring performance is causing Joaquin Benoit to be close to locking up a spot in the pen, rather than Wes Littleton, who may not make the roster now. Sullivan also mentions that the Arias in CF experiment is scrapped for now because of his injuries and immediate outlook.

Richard Durrett discusses the back of the rotation, where Josh Rupe and John Koronka, among others, are out, and Kam Loe, Jamey Wright and Bruce Chen are still standing. Loe was my choice for the fifth starter over the winter, although neither Chen nor Wright was around then.

Today's articles don't get too much into it, but there has even been talk of Rob Tejeda being on shaky ground for his spot. I guess it's important to remember two things though. One, pitchers like Wright and Benoit cannot be sent down without likely being lost, so the club is always going to give the tie to them. But the other, the fact that the team may very well look to trade a Benoit, may drive a lot of the public comments as well.

Jan Hubbard echoes the thoughts about the fifth spot and even suggests that Bruce Chen actually lost ground on Wright and Loe by giving up a few hits (but no runs) yesterday. Again, is the margin really that thin?

Jim Reeves profiles a guy who we've become more acquainted with here, CJ Wilson, and discusses his many interests and talents. I think the media is starting to catch on to the fact that it would be good for them if CJ becomes a really good pitcher in Arlington.

No game today, although Brandon McCarthy is expected to pitch in a minor league game. Tejeda will get another chance to impress Ron Washington tomorrow.