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Bavasi unleashing King Felix

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Seattle has decided that 20 is the age to just let it all hang out for Felix Hernandez. Somehow the mere fact that Bill Bavasi is making this call makes me think that it's the wrong thing to do. Also, basically all of his stated reasoning is emotional:

What's changed?

"He's chomping at the bit, and he kind of has a right to," Bavasi continues. "He's done everything we've asked him to. He's never pitched winter ball, and that pisses him off. He threw plenty of games last year where he was free and easy, walking off the mound saying, 'Man, I can finish this game.'

"He's trying to become a man, and we're not letting him. It's time to let him."

There is a good chance that Hernandez could really break out this year, just based on his enormous talent and the kind of shape he came into camp in, but this kind of talk would scare me if I were a Mariners fan.