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I'm away for a day, and Thomas Diamond has to undergo T-J surgery and TBIA goes back to being TBIA (or RBIA, whatever).

The Diamond news...well, it is what it is. If this has been a while coming, it may help explain some of Diamond's problems last year. And its main impact on this season for the big league team is that it narrows the choices of trade chips available this summer, should the Rangers be in the race and need to upgrade somewhere.

As the Ameriquest being no more, I almost never referred to it as Ameriquest, and took a sort of perverse pride in calling the Ballpark The Ballpark (or TBIA), much like that A.L. team in Southern California is still the Anaheim Angels.

Having it revert to a version of the old name robs me of my hipster cool quotient, I'm afraid, and RBIA doesn't have the same ring, so I don't know what I'll do.

Anyway, I'm checking back out now, and zywica will be holding down the fort again tomorrow...hopefully, we won't have any more season-ending injuries...