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Friday things

Finally, we're playing some baseball today.

Local reaction to the Michael Young extension is positive, as Tim Cowlishaw thinks Tom Hicks has finally gotten one right. Gil Lebreton relates this deal to the effort to keep Teixeira around. I still do not think that this was the thing to do, but I am really happy that I'll get to watch Young for years to come and that I'll be able to say he was all Ranger, and I'm very happy for the guy.

Sammy Sosa will actually get A-team swings tomorrow, but won't be in the lineup for the TV game on Monday. Hopefully the broadcast can still be centered around him in some way.

Jan Hubbard discusses some more Ron Washington, as well as four mysteries that the Rangers will attempt to solve in spring training, Sosa, the back end of the rotation, the outfield, and Eric Gagne.

And elsewhere, the Marlins are getting to deal with the tough side of developing a quality young pitching staff. After questions arose around Anibal Sanchez's health over the winter, things are not looking good at all for Josh Johnson, and Taylor Tankersley is now a source of concern.