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Lucas on the AAA rotation

Scott Lucas has a blog entry on the glut of pitchers who are in the mix for rotation spots at Oklahoma and calls it a bigger quandry than the major league rotation. Since he posted the piece, Diamond has gone down, so that relieves it to a degree. I'm not sure if AJ Murray is ready to handle starting just yet, but I'd like to see something like:

Edinson Volquez
Kam Loe (if Jamey Wright or Bruce Chen beats him out)
Josh Rupe
John Koronka
AJ Murray

That leaves John Rheinecker, Francisco Cruceta and possibly Bruce Chen out of a spot. If they are allowed to hang onto Chen despite sending him down, I could see replacing Murray with him. If not, Cruceta could figure. In reality, if Cruceta is in the organization in April he will most likely be in the AAA rotation one way or another. But I think that Rheinecker and Mike Wood need to be relievers all the way at this point.

At any rate, while there isn't a Philip Hughes or Tim Lincecum waiting in the wings there, it is pretty nice to have a handful of potential legitimate backend guys waiting in the AAA rotation.